Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Energy Crisis

According to the Open Europe press summary of today, a new government estimate reckons that the cost of meeting EU renewable energy targets will add 15% to electricity and 23% to gas bills by 2020. According to DEFRA the annual cost will be £4.2bn a year with annual benefits of £0.3bn a year. The cumulative cost is estimated at £60bn over 20 years, while the value of carbon saved is estimated at £5bn. Open Europe have produced a research paper which can be read here, the contents of which also contend that a serious under estimate of costs has been made.

£4.2bn per year - £60bn over 20 years? All for a 'science' which is unproven, and which has founded a multi-million pound 'industry' based on its 'manufactured' data?

It is logical to presume that where you have a collection of incompetent, brain-dead, individuals - aka the EU, a Labour government and a collection of self-styled 'scientists' - not spending their own money but someone else's, it is no wonder that it gets wasted!

Update: Open Europe blog here is well worth reading - predicting 1million more in 'fuel poverty'!

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