Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Swine Flu Queries & Thoughts*

If calling the Swine Flu hot-line from a mobile, is crackling all you get?

Is it correct in contacting Swine Flu, the first symptom is rashers?

And that the trotts is the second symptom?

If someone tells you they have Swine Flu, are they telling porkies?

Is the Swine Flu pandemic the start of the aporkalypse?

If Swine Flue could eventually affect every single person in the world, do us single people need to get married?

There is no point in being panicked by Swine Flu - it is, after all, no pig deal!

A new strain of flu has evolved, caused by Swine Flu mixing with Bird Flu. The medical profession have assured us they will find a cure as soon as pigs fly.

Lastly, why is it called Swine Flu as, finally, pigs are cured?

* From text message received - I don't see why I should 'groan' on my own!

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