Saturday, 23 October 2010

And The Difference Is?

The Anger Of A Quiet Man posts on Priti Patel's undercover operation exposing how union officials can campaign against the Government's cuts programme on the taxpayers’ time. 

Whilst agreeing with the sentiments expressed by QM, one statement by Ms Patel caught my eye:
"Last night, Ms Patel told The Daily Telegraph: “The hard working law abiding majority will be disgusted to see trade union officials suggesting ways that their members can fiddle the system and act dishonestly to get time off."
Accepting that Ms. Patel has only just arrived in Parliament, is it not ironic that a Member of Parliament is complaining about union officials 'fiddling the system' when not so long ago it was MPs who were shown to have done just that?

The hard working law abiding majority surely will be disgusted at the 'punishment' handed out to the likes of Uddin, Bhatia and Paul. At the very least these three should have had their titles removed, made to repay every penny of expenses claimed whilst in Parliament - and then thrown in jail indefinitely! It also seems incredible that there are still MPs sitting in Parliament, having been re-elected last May, who were guilty of 'fiddling the system' and of abusing the trust of the British electorate.

Justice in this country, at the moment, is a joke - so what the hell are we paying Ken Clarke for? Of course, if your name is Abu Hamza then you get all the 'justice' you need at the expense of the taxpayer!

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