Saturday, 30 October 2010

We're Sheep Shuffling Towards A Permanently Yellow Britain

That is the headline* to an article in the Mail by Peter Hitchens, which I reproduce:
"David Cameron does not want to be a Conservative Prime Minister. The idea fills him with disgust. He much prefers a Coalition with the ultra-Leftist, anti-British Liberal Party.
Why? Because he is much more like them than he is like the silly sheep who voted Tory in the deluded hope of getting a patriotic, respon­sible and just government
I warned everyone against Mr Cameron when there was still time to stop him. And he repeatedly helped me by confirming that what I said was true.
Two of a kind: Is Cameron, left, more like the Clegg's Lib Dems than he realises
He made it plain, when he shamelessly broke his pledge on an EU referendum, that he was not to be trusted on the Brussels issue – as we now see.
He refused to reply when I asked him, during the Election, if he was closer to Nick Clegg or Norman Tebbit. He gave his answer days later, after the sheep had voted, as he formed a Coalition with Mr Clegg.
But conventional wisdom – which is always wrong – has since then claimed that Mr Clegg is in some way the prisoner of the wicked Tories. He is portrayed as Mr Cameron’s fag at school, or as his helpless underling, by politically illiterate cartoonists.
On the contrary, Mr Cameron is the willing prisoner of Mr Clegg. He loves to have a permanent excuse to tell the shivering, lonesome clumps of real conservatives in his party that he cannot do what they want him to do.
In fact, he loves it so much that he really wants a merger between the two parties – in all but name. Hence the most fascinating – and so the least discussed – political revelation of the week.
My colleague Simon Walters reported last Sunday that Francis Maude, one of Mr Cameron’s closest and most astute lieutenants, had told a private gath­ering that the Coalition is a ‘bloody good thing’, adding that there was very little difference between the Tory and Liberal parties and that many Tories want the pact to continue far beyond five years. ‘Even if the Conservatives win a majority at the next Election, there will be a desire to continue with the Coalition among parts of the Conser­vative Party,’ he said.
Those parts will be the ones concentrated in the smart area of West London where Mr ­Cameron and his allies dwell. They are Liberals. They will govern as Liberals. Vote Blue. Get Yellow. If that isn’t what you want, stop giving them support, time, money and votes."
Which is what I posted, basically, back on 21st May (follow the link). Nice to see the MSM once again following the lead given by a blogger!

* And the headline does not just apply to the colour of the Liberal Democrats - it is also applicable to Cameron himself, in that he will not 'stand-up' for the country which he is supposed to represent!

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