Thursday, 21 October 2010

Now, Thats Telling You!

James Delingpole on Critical Reaction:
"Poor Arthur Elwen Cameron. Looks like you’re never going to get to play the Wall Game or wear flowers in your hat on the Fourth of June or go to your classes in a natty tailcoat. Rail against society’s prejudice and inverted snobbery if you prefer, but I’d say the blame lies much closer to home than that: with your old man’s hypocrisy, intellectual dishonesty and moral cowardice.

Indeed, I’d go so far as to say that almost everything that is wrong with the Conservative Party right now can be traced back to one single biographical detail: that David Cameron went to Eton.

The banker-bashing; the failure to reduce the 50p upper band tax rate; the destruction of the armed forces; the ring-fenced spending on overseas aid and the NHS; the cock-up over Child Benefit; the reluctance to follow the successful Swedish model by allowing ‘Free Schools’ to make a profit; the quintessentially socialistic vision of the Big Society; the public sacrifice of one’s children on the altar of egalitarianism. None of these policies is remotely conservative; none of them makes any kind of economic sense. They’re there for one reason and one reason alone: to purify the brand of a political party supposedly rendered toxic by the fact that its leader enjoyed the best possible education in the world." (my emphasis)
Looks like I have competition in the 'Hate everything for which David Cameron stands' stakes!

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Anonymous said...

I hate him for similar reasons, once he declared his hatred for Grammar Schools he was finished as far as I am concerned. Not only does it make him an hypocrite but stupid to boot. I do not for a moment believe that his child will go to a bog standard school, he will do what Blair did, cheat and then lie.