Thursday, 28 October 2010

Asda & Others To Lose Their 'Double Deckers'?

Amongst supermarkets Asda are known to use 'double-decker' trailers as they estimate that the double-deck trailers save around 7 million miles per year on the trunking operation and another 3 million - or 500 vehicle movements per week - on store deliveries. What the EU intend is to limit the height of trailers, thus making 'double-deckers' illegal.

Untill recently there was no European wide approval of Goods Vehicles with individual Member States operating their own national type approval schemes. Approval in one Member State did not automatically allow for registration in others. However, a recent amendment to the Framework Directive (70/156/EEC) changed this. Directive 2007/46/EC, signed in October 2007, introduces the basis of a European wide scheme for trucks and this will be phased in over coming years.

And the Department for Transport (DfT) says it will fight the European Commission (EC) over any proposals for 4m-high trailers in the UK.  FFS! Its a Directive and has to be implemented - but hey, if the DfT fancy powderpuffs at dawn, who are we to stop them!


Dick Puddlecote said...

I'm in transport, as you know WfW, and almost all legislation we are required to adhere to is from the EU. Apart from lighting regs (1989) and Construction and Use (1983), and maybe RTA 1988, just about everything else (and there's a pigging lot of it as you can imagine) has been taken over by the EU.

Whatever the DfT says, they'll roll over like they always do.

microdave said...

So this will inevitably mean more (smaller) trucks to do the same job. How the hell does that fit in with EU mandated "Carbon Reduction" targets???

Jeeeeeezus - how thick can they be?