Sunday, 24 October 2010

I've Already Said That James - Back In May!

James Forsyth has a post on the Coffee Shop about the Coalition and the possibility of it continuing in government, even if the Conservatives won a small majority at the 2015 general election.

Some excerpts:
"First of all, Cameron is a natural at being a coalition Prime Minister. He is better at it than he would be at being a purely Tory one."
Probably because Cameron is no more a 'Tory' than was Gordon Brown!
"The leadership also appreciates how coalition gives it cover to do things that it would be politically more difficult to do otherwise. Third, Cameron likes the way in which coalition changes his relationship with his own parliamentary past."
Yup, it allows Cameron to bring in his 'leftie' ideas as he does not believe in 'accepted' Conservative principles. It also allows him to strengthen his iron control of his party.
"Finally, and most importantly, if the Liberal Democrats went into the government with the Tories in this scenario, they would have taken a massive step to becoming Tories. David Cameron would have realigned British politics....."
 Especially in view of that last comment, now go read what I posted on 18th September and do please follow the link to the post I did on 21st May.

The scenario James Forsyth imagines is not 'rocket science' - wonder what took him so long to come round to the view most of us have had for the last 6 months?

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