Saturday, 23 October 2010

You Want To Know Why Our Country's In A Mess?

Go read Christopher Booker in tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph!
"The one which has rightly drawn most flak is the colossal 47 per cent jump in our spending on overseas aid, due to rise from £7.8 billion to £11.5 billion. This includes, for instance, a further rise in the £800 million a year we already donate to India, one of the world’s fastest growing economies. This will be spent, inter alia, on promoting gender equality, assisting the Indians with their space programme, and of course on climate change (such as the £10 million free gift the Department For International Development is making to Dr Rajendra Pachauri’s Teri research institute)."
And due to this we are cutting services to the old, infirm and disabled in our own country? How the hell does he think this is right then:
"He [David Cameron] accepts many think this is wrong, but says Britain has given its word to honour the historic pledge to give 0.7 of its national income to aid. ‘We will be one of the few ­countries that keeps that promise. I think there’s a moral responsibility to the poorest in the world who, even as we are going through difficult times, are living in abject poverty." (my emphasis)
 I seem to remember someone giving, in effect, their word of honour about a bloody referendum! Some in India may well be living in 'abject poverty' but WTF, if they can afford a 'space programme' then that country ain't so f'king poor!

In conclusion Cameron is quoted as saying:
"I’m a One Nation Conservative"
To which I say: Spheroids - the only 'One Nation' Cameron thinks about is the European Union - and that ain't a f'king nation!


banned said...

I suppose that our largesse to India could be seen as something of a bribe to assist our exporters.

As you say WfW, to which Nation does Mr cameron refer? The one that gave away 80% of its sovereignty to the EvilEUSSR together with a get out clause that allows said EvilEU to take any further powers and funding it feels like?

Bill Sticker said...

Cameron is no Conservative. One nation or otherwise.

Scooper said...

It's taken a remarkably short time for Cast Iron Dave to show his real colours - he's turned out to be a Socialist and a traitor.

Anonymous said...

I’m just wondering how poor they want us to be.

When we are completely on our knees, completely devoid of industry to make wealth – who is then going to give money to India for climate change (hrmph)?

(I’ve ventured into the blog world and added a link to your site – I hope you don’t mind WfW)

Witterings From Witney said...


Cameron has no 'country' - only that inhabited within his own skin!




He always was!


Don't know about knees, I am on my Butt!