Monday, 25 October 2010

Dominic Raab

This Member of Parliament for Esher & Walton has an article in today's Telegraph entitled "Sacrificing our liberties won't win the war" - centred on the war against terrorism.

Raab may be a well-educated, intelligent man, however I have to take issue with a couple of points. First, it is a tad rich for him to use the phrase "Sacrificing our liberties"; and second, where Raab writes:
"The second principle requires demarcating a clearer line between what a free society must tolerate, and what it should punish. We have to put up with – or rebut – views we find offensive, but not those instigating violence."
If we do not have to accept views that instigate violence - then why should we accept 'violence' to our democracy - something Raab would appear to condone?

As evidence for my criticism, I cite this.

If Raab wishes to write about 'sacrificing our liberties' then perhaps he should not have voted for acceptance of the EU External Action Service and absented himself from the vote on the EU Draft Budget!

Yet another example of 'political principle'?


Scooper said...

The 'I cite this' link is dead.

Witterings From Witney said...

My apologies Scooper, now fixed. It shows all votes, including those from which Raab absent