Sunday, 24 October 2010

Mosque Be Another Reason, Surely? On The Other Hand........

Assuming it has not been 'chopped-off' for some minor crime............

The Mail-on- Sunday reports that the Diocese of Bradford is to be axed (unfortunate choice of word) as it has twice as many Muslim worshipppers as Anglicans. From the article:
"Statisticians have predicted that there will be more Muslims in Britain’s mosques on Fridays than Anglicans in church on Sundays within a decade....."
Some time ago Malcolm Pearson was vilified for suggesting that Muslims breed ten times faster than us, yet logcally he was right as, under Muslim law, a Muslim man may have four wives, permitted under Muslim law. Now, if a man can have four wives, then his 'offspring-output' must be far greater than that of a man with only one wife.

Goodnight Vienna, on Calling England, invariably has a 'Sunday Reflection' which depicts England and her countryside in an age long since passed. GV is partially correct, in that the countryside she depicts is still there (in places) - what has changed is the society that inhabits that countryside.

That society has been changed by politicians - especially those who were in power during the last 13 years and continued by the present incumbents - and all without the express permission and opinions of the people that those politicians are supposed to represent and often for 'political gain' is beyond question. That those of us who love our country - and lament the fact that Britain is no longer 'Great' - can only weep at the change that has been wrought.

In times past there have been 'rulers' that have been condemned for their efforts at 'social engineering' - witness Hitler and his belief in Ayrian supremacy. Should not those politicians who have changed the fabric of this still 'Great' country not be so condemned for their attempts at 'social engineering'? Perhaps they need reminding that at their end, as with us all, we are told we all face the 'day of reckoning'!

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