Sunday, 31 October 2010

European External Action Service

The Telegraph and the Mail-on-Sunday both have articles on the above, which is due to be formally announced by Cathy Ashton on December 1st from her office in Brussels - the one that costs over £10million per annum in rent alone!

£32.8million on bullet-proof limousines?

As I am sure the EU really does believe in 'value for money', perhaps we should ask al-Queda, or the IRA, to 'test' that our money is being well spent, with of course Ashton and her staff acting the part for which they are so well qualified - that of the dummies!

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john in cheshire said...

I don't really want the likes of Ashton to die. But it's got the the stage where if that's what it takes.....It's probably what Cromwell and his cohorts were thinking when Chuckles the first was separated from his thought processes.