Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Untruthful Tories - Yet Again

Tim Montgomerie, Conservative Home, posts that:
"IDS plans a citizen's pension of £140 for all"
The whole idea for the Conservatives Citizen's Pension was lifted wholesale from UKIP's General Election pension policy paper - co-written by Mark Wadsworth.  Still, it is not the first time that any of the Lib/Lab/Con have 'nicked' a basic policy idea from Ukip and then presented it as their own.......

Gradually people will come to realise that, over the years, they have been voting for Ukip all along - and boy, are they going to be mad when they realise they could have saved themselves 'all those years of pain', had they then known enough to put their bloody cross in the right box!

Seriously people, for those that yearn for some common sense policies, go read the entire manifesto - and then, to quote the co-author of Ukip's pensions paper, "tell me whats not to like"? When looking at what is on offer with other political parties, if you believe in an independent United Kingdom - there is no alternative!


James Higham said...

Pensions are one of the main sources of shame for this country currently. I'd love the pollies to be on the minimum, with no other income, for three months.

The Boiling Frog said...

There's one particular UKIP policy I would love the other parties to nick. I doubt that they will though.

Anonymous said...

Notwithstanding their policies UKIP simply don't have "bottom".

What would it take to change this? Certainly a lot more than a couple of right wing defections.

With the lethargy of the British people towards politics I suspect UKIP will remain in the doldrums for another fifteen or twenty decades and by the time they scent power it will all be too late

Rossa said...

But then the minimum of £140 is only for new retirees. Not a penny to the pensioners, like my Mum, already struggling to meet the increasing cost of living. No-one could live on what she gets having been a married woman and only paying the reduced stamp. Her sister has just retired on twice as much, but even then £180 a week after 42 years of work is not a fortune in the S.E. where she lives.

This winter will see an even greater number who will go without heat when it is a choice before being warm or eating something.

Maybe that's why the winter fuel allowance is being reduced....get rid of some more old people. They can't bribe them so the only route is to remove them.

And I doubt any of them would vote for UKIP.