Friday, 29 October 2010

More EU Lunacy Regarding Flying

Back in August I posted about the problems of those who hold Private Pilot Licences (PPLs) and today one of my readers emails me with news of yet more 'EU Interference'.

It is worth while taking a look at the following four links (in date order) to see how those, whose hobby is flying, is about to be made that more difficult and likewise how their costs are going to escalate.

Commonsense says that whilst some hobbies may be more dangerous than others and that some rules have to apply, the question has to be asked as to whose necks are at risk? I have to return to a comment made in my earlier post: namely that "It is also a matter of contention that we are supposed to be a free people and that we have a choice how we live our lives - especially without interference from others over whom we have no control - whether that be at home, work or play!"

In any event, if the UK has ceded the power over ruling how those whose hobby is 'private' flying are regulated, then surely this is yet another example of why we are no longer a self-governing nation and, having ceded that 'power', is reason enough for a referendum? A loss of power is a loss of power - it matters not what that 'power' is.

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James Higham said...

Every last area, however insignificant, must be wrested from us.