Monday, 25 October 2010

The Member for Stone*

Having only just had time to read today's edition of the Telegraph, this letter caught my eye:
"How to repatriate powers 

SIR – I am grateful to Bill Cash (Letters, October 22) for responding to my letter (October 16), but I found his explanation of how the Government is going to achieve repatriation of powers through its European Union Bill difficult to follow. 

Mr Cash seems to be saying that British courts must support and uphold laws passed by Parliament. However, the waters have been muddied by Parliament’s acceptance of the Lisbon Treaty, which gives away powers to Brussels and allows the European Court of Justice to claim that European Law has superiority over British law. 

I cannot see how a country can ratify a treaty and then claim that it should be able to ignore certain parts of it. I wish Mr Cash well with his Bill, but I do not share his confidence that a constitutional route to repatriation is possible. 

I suspect that only a complete withdrawal from the EU will restore the sovereignty of Parliament.
John Glanville
Hornchurch, Essex"
 Which begs the question: Is Bill 'hedging his bets' and thus trying to save his 'cash'?

* The omission of 'Honourable' is deliberate!


Scooper said...

Mr Cash enjoys the profile and attention for being Parliament's best known Eurosceptic but sadly lacks the backbone to follow through with his talk. The lot of them are just venal, self serving slimeballs and easily bought off with the promise of a cushy post on a select committee or a better view from Portcullis House.

What is it going to take for them to truly represent the nation's view on the EU? They all know how deeply unpopular it is, but not one of them will stand up in the House and actually say it.

Anonymous said...

Lord Tebbit has an interesting video consideration on parliamentary sovereignty over at Bruges group .