Friday, 29 October 2010

And Therein Lies The UK's Problem.......

Gawain Towler, Calling England, posts brilliantly on the continuing 'fall-out' from Cameron's 'supposed victory' in Brussels today. In his last paragraph he illustrates the problem from which British politics suffers - namely that the Conservative Party - which presents itself as a 'Eurosceptic' party and whose Leader personally confirmed his status as a 'Eurosceptic' - still believes it can change the EU 'from within'.
"But when will this crowd of people, the Carswells the Hannans, the Cranmers finally realise that they will not get the freedom, the liberty, the self governance they so often talk about and so plainly believe in will never come through the party whose Rosettes they wear."
A further question is when will the Carswells and Hannans (and the self-appointed 'Archbishop') actually do something 'concrete' and, for example, present Cameron with some real opposition, even leaving the Conservative Party - that term being an oxymoron in itself - if necessary, in order to 'stand-up' for their constituents, which they profess to serve.

On Newsnight this evening, Michael Crick (who was 'put in his place' by Cameron at today's Brussels news conference) was reporting that of those 37 Conservative 'rebels', who voted recently against the Coalition in Parliament, are now saying "Well, Cameron 'got' all that could reasonably be expected". Been 'got at' by the Whips already?

Cameron may well believe he is a 'Major' player in the politics of the EU (think Maastricht) but it is plain to see that his is but the 'Office Manager' for the region known as the UK!


Anonymous said...

I think that Conservative MPs and MEPs come in four types. One sort think that the EU is inevitable and so they HAVE to believe that it can be changed (Most Tory MPs). Another wants the EU project, and think that it wouldn't hurt with the odd modification (Cameron). Both of these classes are looking for handsome remuneration. The third knows that the EU is bad for us, but they like their perks and pay, or prestige too much to quit the party (or are being blackmailed). They are allowed to mouth off because they are in the minority, and they present the electorate with the illusion of a eurosceptic Tory party (Carswell). Then there is the Daniel "Look-At-Me" Hannan in a class of his own. He is an elaborate deception. The overt invitation to the electorate to put their eurosceptic eggs in the Tory basket; safely tucked away in the EU parliament where he can make a LOT of noise, and not be vey dangerous. The bigger the lie, the more believable it is, after all.

Gawain Towler said...

I don't think Crick had spoken to a single one, or if so he had done something like this,

Crick "Mr/s MP, surely you recognise that given this was a Brussels Council meeting that is the best that Cameron could have done in the specific situation?"
"Yes, but that is not the point...."
Crick:"Thank you"

So no, I think that that is what Crick said, not what the rebels said, but I may be wrong. He was just off Eurostar. Look at What Carswell actually wrote for example and come to the conclusion that Crick spoke to him? Nah.

Witterings From Witney said...

A, you may well have something there.....

GT, Which would be typical BBC standard of journalism so you are probably right - lets face it you are closer to them than I.

Robert said...

Actually Crick's comment to Dave about the 2.9% and the BBC's zero did not go down well with Spectacular Dave. He certainly didn't want a debate about it and moved on sharpish.

The 209% is not actaully set in concrete and may yet come back to haunt Dave. So it shpuld.

Anonymous said...

See EU Referendum, Cameron had no say in the matter and if he had it would have been "yes". Cameron is not, and never has been "EUrosceptic".
He is now going to give away our France?