Friday, 29 October 2010

Let Us Get A Few Facts Correct!

With the EU - and Britain's membership of that odious organisation - in the news, there are a number points that need making:

1. Cameron is not a Eurosceptic.

2. Cameron is not to be trusted - whatever he says he will do, he most definitely does not do.

3. Cameron, Hague, Liddington and the media know f'all about the EU, which is obvious from their output.

4. Europe is not a country, it is a continent presently ruled - due to the crap it produces - by the incontinent.

5. For the avoidance of doubt virtually half our laws have originated from Brussels - which means there has been a significant transfer of power, something that has continued under the Coalition government.

6. As a result of 5, the United Kingdom is no longer a self-governing nation - something which no-one can any longer deny.

7. The 'expertise' of our political class is, in the main, non-existent - so the sooner they are 'hung, drawn and quartered' the better.

8. In view of 1-7, we - and our country - are well and truly f*****d!


Sue said...

I'm confused as to what is going on. As far as I can tell the MSM who are hailing a Cameron victory over the budget are mistaken. He only has 10 other members supporting him and the final decision is not a voting matter but it is in the hands of the commission.

The treaty "tweak" was agreed by Cameron and Merkel in return for their support on the budget (which is not a definite).

The treaty tweak is a treaty change which we should be given a referendum on as it involves Brussels getting more control of our finances.

Am I right or have I got it wrong?

Witterings From Witney said...

Sue, actually he now has 12 member states 'signedup' - and that is not a majority of 27 so he could not get his blocking vote!

As to the 6% increase being dead, I can but refer to a post I did linking to Richard North:

"he will block the six percent rise in the EU budget which is set to cost us an extra £900 million this year. Can he do that? Well ... the short answer is no. Only the EU parliament can do that. And the long answer? That is here in the consolidated treaties as amended by Lisbon – Article 314.

Basically, what happens is that the Council looks at the proposed budget and agrees a "common position". This is Cameron's first hurdle. If he wants to block the budget, then he has to get a majority on the Council under the QMV procedures.

Supposing by some miracle he get his majority ... not that he will ... the next move is up to the EU parliament. The Council decision is put to the parliament, which decides whether to agree with it. If not – which would be the case - it draws up amendments and forwards them to the Council.

A conciliation committee is then formed to hammer out a joint text. This must be approved by the committee, the Council component by QMV, the parliament by a majority. But then comes the killer:

If the European Parliament approves the joint text whilst the Council rejects it, the European Parliament may, within fourteen days from the date of the rejection by the Council and acting by a majority of its component members and three-fifths of the votes cast, decide to confirm all or some of the amendments referred to in paragraph 4(c). Where a European Parliament amendment is not confirmed, the position agreed in the Conciliation Committee on the budget heading which is the subject of the amendment shall be retained. The budget shall be deemed to be definitively adopted on this basis.

In other words, if the conciliation committee comprising the parliament and the council (the latter acting under QMV) agree the budget, even if the full council then rejects it, the parliament's vote is decisive. It can still approve the budget, without the approval of the 27 member states - of which the UK is but one."

He also talks about not being subject to penalties per Protocol 15 but that does not negate point 34 of the Task Force document - one that I also linked to.

The Boiling Frog said...

You forgot fact number 9 (Not the Beatles tune)

Heckler & Koch PSG1s are very useful at times like this.

Seriously though, if the events over the last couple of days won't pull the wool from Tory eyes I'm not sure what will.

Sue said...

And we are expecting the ordinary citizen to follow all this? I absolutely love the subject of politics and I'm having trouble.

It's as though it has been made complicated on purpose.

Sue said...

Thank you by the way :)

Anonymous said...

It was deliberately made to confuse, the originators knew that they could not get away by telling us what they intended. Napolean and Hitler amongst others tried it the hard way and lost. So a group got together with our politicians and decided that stealth and lies would work and it has. It all hinged on our own politicians backing the deceit, which they did and still do.


Indyanhat said...

When o when will a peoples champion arise
to hang them all
and let the ravens peck the eyes!