Sunday, 31 October 2010

News Manipulation

I posted yesterday noting my amazement that the 'ink cartridge bomb scare' had wiped all mention of the story de semaine - Cameron's EU fiasco - from Saturday's Telegraph. And so it continues today, with the only mention that I can find of the EU being an article on them spending £124,000 on a transgender talking shop, an article buried on page 29 of the print edition.

I have no wish to delve into all the 'could have', 'may have' suppositions made by Cameron and May, nor into questions about how Leicestershire Police initially 'cleared' the package and not the Bomb Squad - I leave that to others.

Within the front page article in the Sunday Telegraph comes this quote from David Cameron:
"We have to do more to cut out the cancer of al-Qaeda in Yemen and the Saudi peninsula."
No apologies for climbing on my 'hobby-horse' once again.........but, it is a great pity that David Cameron cannot expend a little of his time and energy cutting out the cancer that is the European Union and which is eroding our sovereignty with each passing day!

For some time it has been apparent that governments of all hues need to keep the people 'compliant' and thus have their eyes taken off what is actually happening in the world. As Sir Terry Wogan writes in his comment piece in today's Telegraph we have had 'Obesity', Mad Cow, Asian Flu, Smoking, Testicular Cancer and, of course, that current 'stand-by when all else fails' - terrorism. This is no more, no less, than news manipulation - and the pity is that the MSM are compliant within this process.

It is maintained by some that when one considers matters like the Bilderbergers, Common Purpose, New World Order - let alone the shenanigans of our own political elite - we, the people, have no idea whatsoever what is in store for us. 

That view may well be true, however we can and should make a start in negating what has become, especially in the UK, a process which I call 'Democratised Dictatorship'. To begin with we could end the process whereby, come each general election, political parties present a manifesto blank sheet of paper and expect voters to agree with it thus enabling the political elite to do what the hell they like with us and our country. We could insist that a recall system - dictated by the voters and not subject to Parliaments 'permission' - be 'guaranteed' (and by guarantee I do not mean a 'Cameron style guarantee) otherwise a party will not receive one single vote. We could also insist that where matters affecting our country and our lives are concerned - be that nationally or locally - no decision is made unless the public are consulted by means of a referendum, otherwise not one single vote.

There will, no doubt, be some readers who consider the previous paragraph to be nothing but naive aspirations, however I would remind them - and our politicians - that history shows where the people are ignored, eventually it results in revolution, which can - and has - become 'bloody'.

The posturing politicos need to remember it is their necks that will be in the noose!


Anonymous said...

I applaud your "aspirations". We are going to win by taking our own measures, not letting the criminal establishment drive the agenda.

The fundamantal problem is a resistance of people to let go of the Left/Right paradigm. A party like UKIP could go into an election promising a gold bar to each member of electorate, but people would be too frightened to risk voting for them because of the Blue or Red bogeyman. The responsibility of the media for this is huge. It needs to be undermined, so you freedom fighting bloggers (we should all -as many of us are capable and have something to contribute - become a node in the network) need to enhance your cooperation and form an alternative independent news service. We need to attack anything that comes out of the press or the parties that tries to define the establishment's (non-existent) differences, or that pretends that they don't control society in a Marxist-way (see Hitchens). The EU is really only a battle in the lager war against Progressivism.

And thinking ahead, we need to start organising local bands that can defend against the penetration into society of "Big Society". These bands should also form the foundations of what the Americans would call militia in case we are ever denied the chance to expel the EU peacefully and democratically and are forced to to defend against a full-on EU occupation. I know it seems fanciful now, but UKIP will be supplying the leadership when the time comes, and we need to think about it.

Witterings From Witney said...

Interesting thoughts indeed, Anonymous!

At least I feel a start has been made in providing a news service with The Albion Alliance Presents and their 'raw' data direct from the EU. This at least allows readers to see it (convoluted language it may be) before our politicos and the media try and spin it to their advantage!