Thursday, 28 October 2010

One In One Out

No, not regulations that stifle business - quangos!

The Conservatives post on the demise of Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) and their replacement by Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs). More detailed information can be found at News Distribution Service (NDS) for government and the public sector.

We have an admitted Europhile Lord Heseltine, who will Chair the Independent Advisory Panel, which will consider all bids submitted to the fund and make recommendations to Ministers on which to approve.

Of course what the NDS does not tell you is that replacements for the disbanded RDAs was necessary as it is a requirement of the toy parliament to provide an organisation through which EU funds are disbursed.

Yet another example by this Con/Lib 'so-called' government of hiding the truth about the need for the decisions they make.

As Helen, over at Your Freedom and Ours says:
"What a good thing Labour was voted out and the Cleggerons formed a Coalition. Everything is so different."

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