Saturday, 23 October 2010

Cameron Doesn't Even Understand How The EU Functions!

For a politician who claims to be a Eurosceptic Cameron would appear to know FA about the rotten club of which he is intent on us remaining a member.

The Telegraph has an article (no link) authored by James Kirkup who should also know better, in which David Cameron is quoted as saying he will oppose a 6 per cent rise in the budget of the European Commission and tell officials "Stop spending so much." Cameron is also quoted as saying: "We must make sure the [European] Council throws the budget back to the European Parliament, that this is completely unacceptable."

As usual when talking about the EU, Cameron is using the orifice on which he sits and the result is bull Cameronshit. To see why this is so, if you toddle over to Richard North, EU Referendum, all is explained.

Once again we see a politician lying to the British public - and before anyone complains about the use of the word lying just remember with his statement Cameron has not been truthful - and if one is not truthful, then one is lying! Simples!

If politicians wish to have the respect they crave then they need to be truthful towards the people that pay for their lifestyle. Until then they get no respect from this blog!

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Anonymous said...

Mate. You shouldn't feel uneasy about calling Cameron out. He IS a liar. He is also a traitor because he knows what the EU is really all about the dismantling of British sovreignty and is active in it. He is also a criminal because he knows that global warming is a scam, and that the EU is misold to us, but wants to pump our money into both, and that he will benefit by the prospering of both.

If we're talking about calling a spade a spade, I also say that all Westminster MPs are collaborating with the occupation of the UK by the EU by aiding the incorporation of its law into our own, and by collectively deceiving the British public.

And when we have our country back they should face a tribunal and the punishment, if found guilty, should be one that is appropriate for treason, which I think I am right in saying is the gallows.

Of course, some may just get prison sentances if they demonstrate a clean break with the LibLabCon against the EU now. Unfortunatelly for them it seems that none of them think that they or the EU is going to lose.

They should think on.