Saturday, 23 October 2010

Mea Culpa?

David Cameron has an 'interview' with the Mail during his return from Nottingham where he 'met voters' to discuss what the Mail calls 'draconian cuts'. If that was anything like his 'Cameron Direct' meetings whilst in opposition, then the audience was 'hand-picked'!  Earlier today I posted on the subject of trust in our politicians and the penalties they should suffer when they abuse that trust.

One statement by Cameron, in the article, struck me as pertinent:
"However, if you do things just to try to maintain a level of popularity, you just get found out. I said I would rather lose the election saying the right thing, than win it saying the wrong thing."
In respect of the first sentence, because of the public's lack of knowledge on matters EU (which have been due to the political elite not telling the truth), Cameron has managed to maintain a level of popularity. In respect of the second sentence, never has a truer word been said. By saying the wrong thing (ie, lying) about the EU, he may well win the next election, which is why he will never say the right thing meaning he will never need fear losing tenure of what is probably the most prestigious address in the UK.
"But, in the end, politics is very simple. It’s about public service in the national interest."
 So Cameron does not practice 'simple politics' - if he did he would not be an advocate for a system of taxation without representation - which he is quite content to do with his continued desire to maintain the UK's membership of the European Union. If Cameron believed in 'public service', he would not be content with a situation whereby he is Prime Minister of a nation that is not 'self-governing'; he would not be Prime Minister of a nation that is 'signed-up' to an energy policy that will surely bankrupt his country; he would not be Prime Minister of a nation that 'pours' money into 'developing countries' whilst neglecting his own people's needs at home; he would not be Prime Minister of a country that permits those whose avowed aim is the destruction of his country to reside here in the name of 'Human Rights'.

All in all Mr Cameron, methinks you are in the wrong job! Methinks you would be better employed by a 'Fake Charity'. Oh, you are................? F'Me!


Anonymous said...

Yes he is a cunt of the highest order.

Witterings From Witney said...

Disagree - they get shafted, whereas he is shafting us!