Friday, 29 October 2010

What A Topsy-Turvy World It Has Become

In 1945 Britain was a 'victorious' nation and Germany was a 'vanquished' one. Fast forward 65 years and look how the pendulum has swung! And not one bit of 'ordnance' used!

The article has one section which is very, very revealing and one that I do not believe any other media outlet has 'picked-up':
"Britain insisted on support, even if only declaratory, for EU spending to be kept on a tight rein at a time when several countries are imposing budget cuts." (my emphasis)
We only have Cameron's 'word' - and we all know that his 'word' means nowt - that EU spending is to be kept on a tight rein while Member States impose budget cuts.

Lee Rotherham has an article on Conservative Home Centre Right in which he ends:
".......if the last chance to implement reforms is to be cast aside, if no powers are ever to be repatriated, then patently we now live in an unvarnished new reality. If there exists neither the prospect nor the will for reform, there remains no other alternative than for this country to leave the European Union."
Powers never will be repatriated; there is no prospect of reform - there never is in any Socialist system as all that system knows is even more 'central' control - therefore there is no other alternative but for the UK to leave the European Union.

No nation that promotes itself as a democracy can be a member of the European Union in its present form - so what about it Dave, when do we leave?

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