Sunday, 31 October 2010

Conservative Party Or Cameroon Party MP?

John Redwood posts on "The European Relationship" and ends his post:
"The UK government was unable to get cuts in the large and growing EU budget, or even to achieve a standstill, because it has to proceed by majority voting. The government  can dig in and insist on a falling budget for 2014-20, as they have a veto over that. They can also dig in over the proposed new Treaty. If the EU wants to Uk to sign it, the Uk should demand some powers back from the many areas where Conservatives opposed Labour’s past surrenders of authority."
In response I have posted the following comment (awaiting moderation at time of writing:
"the Uk should demand some powers back"

Pray who decides, Mr. Redwood, just what powers we should demand the return of and how are these ranked in order?
All powers ceded should be demanded back! You took the oath of a Privy Councillor and in so doing swore that no foreigner "should rule in this land".
Left to Parliament, again? No thank you as it has been by leaving it to Parliament that most of this country's woes can be traced back to.
The question has to be asked - and I mean no offence in so doing - did Wokingham elect a Conservative Party candidate or a Cameroon Party Candidate?
English Pensioner has a post entitled "Cameron is not a real man", from which it is worth quoting:
"A certain look of contempt, and Mrs EP replied "I don't mean that sort of 'real'. I mean a real man who will do his very best never to be beaten by a woman. One who would want to show a woman who had previously done the same job that he could do it far better and get better results. But he isn't even trying; all he wants to do is to be liked - real men would prefer to be feared."
Perhaps, like his leader, John Redwood wishes to be liked rather than feared.


IanPJ said...

Still not out of moderation. Looks like you been 5th Column Redwooded again.

Witterings From Witney said...

Good and I hope the barbs hit their mark!