Saturday, 30 October 2010

So Just What Use Are Our MPs?

Christopher Booker posts on the plight of children 'taken into care' by Social Services and the 'injustices' that the parents of those children suffer. The stories that Booker relates cannot be unknown to our elected representatives. as surely at least some of them read his column?

 Shocking as is the situation that Booker relates, it is however not the only example where people are treated 'according to the law'. Witness this story and the 'punishment' inflicted on someone who 'snapped' at continued provocation.

Booker ends his article thus:
"The only people in a position to reform this system fundamentally are those who set it up in the first place under the 1989 Children Act – the politicians. But they have, with one or two shining exceptions – notably John Hemming – walked away from the Frankenstein's monster that Parliament created. It is now up to them to support Mr Hemming and all those horribly maltreated families who are campaigning for one of the most out­rageous scandals in Britain today to be brought to an end."
which in turn begs the question why our MPs are not making inquiries of the police, in their constituencies, whether any such cases exist? As Booker points out, MPs are the only ones who can right these 'wrongs', so why are they - the MPs - not acting on their own initiative? Why is the MP in the constituency in which the Mail story occurred, not acting on behalf of the family of the man imprisoned?

Are not MPs elected to 'right' 'wrongs' in the law of the land?

Again, just asking...............

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