Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Big Society Is Bigger Than You Thought

Cross-Posted from IanPJ on Politics:

"Big Society. We have heard this phrase day in, day out for about 2 years now from Cameron and his cohorts, few know what it means, even fewer understand how it works. Would you like to see exactly how the ‘Big Society’ works in practice.

First, let me set the scene. The Big Society is made up not of people like you and I, but of carefully selected and trained ‘civil society leaders’ who work with one aim, ever closer union.

These people are not elected, but selected, by organisations such as Common Purpose and Trades Unions, and trained to ‘lead beyond authority’ to fill the non existent civil society gap between elected local councillors and national government.

This is the post democratic age in action, and the EU is proud of it. Proud enough to launch a propaganda video extolling the virtues of these unelected persons who make policy opinions which are then turned into regulations by the unelected EU Commission. These are the people who are the European Economic & Social Committee.

A day in the life of an EESC Member.

Do watch it, (The primary school indoctrination particularly made my piss boil) and whilst you are doing that understand that none of these people are elected, they are totally unaccountable, carry no responsibility to any elected officials or the public, yet they get to spend vast sums of your taxes in salaries and expenses jetting off around the EU and beyond making regulatory social and economic policy that you and I have to live by, and pay for.  120,000 EU regulations so far and still counting.

This is the ‘Big Society’ at the EU level, now Cameron wants to bring the same at the local level. Unelected, unaccountable, implementing EU economic and social policy at local level.

The Big Society will have nothing to do with volunteering to do the things that people want to do, its about being forced to do what the state wants you to do by people the state approves. You just pay and conform.

I am old enough to remember the soviet union, its politics and its structures. Planned economies and social structure, local, regional, state and empire, and this is history repeating itself in every detail save the bloody revolution.

This is not Democracy, and Cameron is overseeing the destruction of the last vestiges of what little democracy remains. The Big Society is a post democratic society, its communism with a friendly face, a totalitarian state where everything you do, touch, buy or imbibe is covered by a plethora of laws, rules or regulations. Totally.

Think I should ask the question again? Oh ok then.
Is the UK/EU totalitarian?: If you don’t believe that Britain is governed totally by political rules, regulations, orders and diktats, please name me 6 everyday activities, yes, just six, that you undertake that does not require a. permission, b. licence, c. regulated action, d. regulated packaging, materials, ingredients, tools etc.
i.e. 6 activities that never touch the state or a regulator."
You are being led people 'down the garden path' deep into to the 'compost heap' that is the EU - its time you woke up, or the 'bloody revolution' that brought down Communism will surely happen here.


pop said...

What I really don't understand is how they can produce a video that shows a huge unnecessary EU bureaucracy - and includes the bureaucrats talking about reducing bureaucracy!!

Surely Ireland can protect Irish children with out needing any reference back to the EU?
Similarly for 90% of the other useless work that EU bureaucrats hijack from local organisations and add their own expensive layers too...

How can they miss the disconnect... That the EU is a huge part of the 'problem' that they claim the EU is trying to solve...

Anonymous said...

The EU is certainly a problem, but worse is that our own politicians are carrying out it's wishes without our authority. Something which they do not have the right to carry forward. I consider that they are acting illegally. The "Bill of Rights" specifically makes it clear that they must not take orders from "any foreign Prince or Prelate" as to the governance of our Country.


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Witterings From Witney said...

Pop and Anon - agreed

DB, thank you for your kind comment