Sunday, 31 October 2010

So The Reason Is?

On Conservative Home/Think Tanks Tim Montgomerie posts on the subject of a new gathering of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats to discuss future prospects for co-operation between the two parties.

Linking to a report in the Mail by James Forsyth, Montgomerie ends his post:
"It really isn't a big plot. It is simply a dialogue about policies and ideas."
Yesterday I linked to a scathing attack, by Peter Hitchens, on Cameron  and consequently have to ask what would appear to be a logical question. If it is Conservative Party policy to fight the next general election as a separate party with the intention to win an outright mandate, just why are 'talks' being held? Or is this just an insurance policy in case Cameron should miss an 'open goal' - again?

The idea would seem to be no more than another ploy by Cameron to move his supposedly 'centre-right-eurosceptic party' even further to being a 'centre-left-europhile party'!

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Anonymous said...

It already is!