Friday, 29 October 2010

You Are A Statistician - FFS!

Mike Smithson, Political Betting, posts with a heading "Has the EU simply ceased to be an issue".
"This polling is something I refer to from time to time whenever the EU is in the news and there’s hugely a heap of abuse poured on me for daring to raise it.
But the hard fact is that the vast majority of the public don’t give a money’s - they simply couldn’t care less. The EU has been totally part of our lives since a Conservative government courageously took us in 37 years ago and we’ve got used to it
The idea of Britain joining the Euro has been side-lined and even when the Lisbon treaty was making all the headlines a couple of years ago the MORI figures were very low as can be seen from the chart.
So I always get amused when I see the Westminster village getting into such a state of excitement over it."
Is it any wonder that the EU/Europe fails to register with the public when (a) the political class lie, obfuscate and at times refuse to discuss the subject; and (b) when the political class can control the media so that nothing adverse does get written or said?

Mike Smithson may well get amused, especially when ignoring important facts such as (a) and (b) above, but it is also a tad disingenious of Mike Smithson to rely on 'surveys' which no doubt are phrased in such a way (as is the way with all 'surveys') to ensure the answers received are those required!

He would do well to remember that one day the public are going to 'wake up' to what is being done in their name - and when that day arrives the political class (and certain statisticians) should be wary of their fate!

Just a thought...................


Anonymous said...

Very pertinent comment at this time, when Camoron has again shown his EU lover credentials. If succesive PMs had not lied to us over many years I think his poll would be different. The MSM, especially the BBC have a lot to answer for as well.


Witterings From Witney said...

Anonymous, thanks for the comment - Oh and will that 'bloody' day be the most enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

It's the financial collapse that will make them wake up .
It's coming.
The level of beuro is unsestainable.
They won't exactly understand why but they will react to that.

The Boiling Frog said...

I've chucked a couple of questions on the thread this afternoon calling into question Mike's analysis. The survey simply doesn't correlate with the increasing anti-eu vote.