Monday, 25 October 2010

And This Is The Way Forward?

I do think there must be a strong case for pre-committing, prior to the renegotiation, that the deal struck will be brought for ratification to the House of Commons on a free vote." - again, WTF! Leaving aside the fact that membership of the EU should be at the decision of the people of the UK - something to which their agreement has never been specifically sought - any 'new deal', were it possible to obtain one, must again be ratified by the people, not the current puppets that inhabit the House of Commons.

Whilst the likes of Melanchthon put forward arguments such as he has, one can but despair - not just with sympathy for him - but for the people who will ever be told the untarnished truth.


Sue said...

Do you think they're being bribed, or are they really that stupid?

I don't know. I thought I was non too bright but if everyone on "ConnedHome" believes that crap, I can't be that thick.

Even Mary Ellen Synon in the MailonLine


"Just to confirm that is how things are, earlier today I asked Damian Chalmers, professor of European Union Law at the London School of Economics and head of the European Institute, to answer a couple of questions about Article 48, known as the passerelle clause.

One question I put to the professor was this: David Cameron's undertaking is that, under a Conservative government, no new powers will be passed to Brussels in any new treaty without a referendum. It seems to me that under Lisbon new powers can pass to the EU institutions without a new treaty. Is that right?

Answer from the professor: 'You are right.'

Sue said...

I'll tell you what really baffles me. How many times will it take for Cameron to come back having failed "again" for them to realise they were being conned all along?

Witterings From Witney said...

Exactly Sue, and clause 48 is the one that not one of the f'wits who write about the EU seem to understand!

Re your ps comment - dont know as he is head of the 'con' party and rules it with a rod of iron!

Sue said...

It's a strange website, "Con Home". I'm not sure there are any conservatives on there, except the ones who are ranting.

Anonymous said...

"Con-Home" is certainly strange, many seem to think the EU is either of no consequence or is a good thing. I often put comments on the untrustworthy PM we have and get not a peep, it is ignored. There seems to be a deal with Cameron so as not to rock the boat too much. Comments critical are allowed on but ignored. Mind you that seems to be party policy from when Cam took it over.