Thursday, 21 October 2010

So Exactly What Will You Do About It Then, Douglas?

Besides pointless questions at PMQs which never get answered anyway?

From Douglas Carswell's blog, quoting Alan Clark:
"Commenting on a Council of Ministers meeting arranged by UKREP in 1983, Clark writes:
"A succession of meetings, but no possibility of getting anything changed - not at my level anyway. Everything is fixed by officials in advance. Ministers shaking hands are just window dressing".
After twenty something years, it seems nothing has changed. Even after this year's election ....."
Carswell and Hannan carry the hopes of all Eurosceptics, being as they have the 'ear of the media' - in Carswell's case 'the ear of Parliament' - to the extent if either of them sneeze, the media report it.

So a question - and to paraphrase - Are they both content to take 'Cameron's Shilling' - or will they actually do something?


Anonymous said...

No. They won't do anything. We're at the high tide of the invasion, and these two are just pissing about(have you seen the gangs of Russians on the streets, for instance? Nothing against Russians per se, but the phrase "EU-citizenship racket" springs to mind). How is Hannan "changing the party from the inside" for instance? Regarding their carrying the hopes of "all Eurosceptics", some of us realised a long time ago that they are actually quite damaging to the effort in that they engender a belief in the conservative electorate that one distant day the Tory Party is going to rediscover some right mindedness - which isn't going to happen because actually, the Tories have always been pro-EU, haven't they? A lot of people might have otherwise been a long way converted (or resigned - it doesnt matter) to UKIP by now.

Carswell and other like-minded Tory MPs (I don't think that there are too many of them when all said and done) need to realise that they are in the wrong political party (Hannan is a Conservative MEP for a very good reason, and that aint going to change). Its gone way past time. The pissing about has to stop. We should stop giving them any credence while they remain in a pro-EU party. I don't care what kind of anti-EU noise comes out of their moves or pens. They need to be winkled out. And I don't care if it causes a stink if some of them defect to UKIP. The country is in a state of hypnosis about the inevitability of the Left/Right paradigm, and it needs an earthquake to shake the scales from its eyes.

Witterings From Witney said...

Totally agree Anonymous - just didn't use as many words!

As to "pissing about" - spot on! They are not even 'hitting' the water in the bowl!

Woodsy42 said...

Will it break them?

Oh I wish....