Sunday, 17 October 2010


Richard North, EU Referendum, posts on the latest from Frau Merkel:
"....the idea of people from different cultural backgrounds living happily "side by side" did not work."
something we in Britain have known ever since Blair decided to rig the voting system by opening our borders to all and sundry.

Richard, commenting on an opinion poll which found the majority of Germans who responded (55 percent) believed that "Arabs" (aka Muslims) are "unpleasant people" and that one-third of Germans believed the country was "overrun by foreigners" – aka Muslims, has a word of warning for those immigrants living in Germany:
"Some of these people may have the sense to realise that they have outstayed their welcome, and get out of a country which has a lingering reputation for seeking final solutions to major problems..."
The European Union may well be living on 'borrowed time' viz-a-viz the euro but it would seem that some of the indigenous population of the 27 member states have had enough of Muslims and the societal problems that they bring with them. The immigration 'problem' may well shorten that 'borrowed time' even more.

Since the 60s the political elite in Britain have been wary of 'nationalism' and seem to have done everything in their power to diffuse this. It may seem far fetched but one of the underlying reasons in the forming of what is now the European Union was probably the knowledge that the British have kicked arse, over the centuries, on the continent and elsewhere; and those on the continent felt it was time to put a stop to that, once and for all. In their attempt to create a 'new order' of citizen, the political elite in Europe and the UK have continued to target the English in particular and anything with a hint of 'Englishness' has been ignored, demonised, oppressed and abused. The basic fact history demonstrates is that when something is oppressed and abused it eventually explodes into bloody revolt.

Those that denigrate, subvert and generally attempt to rubbish the UK - and the English in particular - would do well to remember one thing - and this is pertinent to not only our own politicos but those in 'foreign lands: When the English kick arse - they kick arse!


john in cheshire said...

"When the English kick arse - they kick arse"... yes we do, but only when we have some hard bastard on our side who forces us to do it. Where is our hard bastard who will lead us on the arse kicking rampage?

Witterings From Witney said...

Just biding my time jic........

Seriously though, he/she will appear - he/she always does. Remember your history.

Richard said...

I think you are right. Someone will come along sooner or later. The question is how soon. At the moment, there are peaceful, if uncomfortable, ways of resolving this. If we leave it too long, then it will be bloody.

Anonymous said...

My toe is already tingling in anticipation

Groompy Tom said...

You're right WFW, he or she will appear. I just hope they don't come too late and I just hope I'm still around to stand with them.

Anonymous said...

The longer it is left, the worse it will get as will the punishment. I hope that I am around to see it, largely because I want to see my Country properly governed just for a little while before I die. Unfortunately I see no one who can do this.