Wednesday, 20 October 2010

What Is The Point Of A Prime Minister, Chancellor Of The Exchequer or Foreign Secretary?

Or any other government minister, Member of Parliament or 'Cabinet' Local Councillor come to that?

As mentioned in the previous post, with the Lisbon Treaty being a self-amending treaty thereby allowing the EU to assume 'competence' in any area it chooses why the hell are we, as taxpayers, funding their salaries, 'Grace & Favour' homes', second homes or expenses? It has been said that HM Queen is but a citizen of the European Union and, therefore, so are our those that consider themselves our 'government'. How about we, the people, cancel all the foregoing and let these 'self-important people' exist on the average wage - which it is believed is circa £26,000?

As Dan Hannan posts:
"While George Osborne was announcing the cuts, MEPs were pushing through an increase that will cost Britain £880 million"
 And we are a self-governing nation? FFS!!!*

* As readers may have gathered - I am a tad 'pissed off'!


Anonymous said...

I've arrived at a position whereby I believe that the more "pissed off" I am the better.

If I'm pissed off it means that a lot more people are going to be pissed off.

One thing that amuses me:

The wonderful Bob Crowe set up no2eu in the last election on a anti-Lisbon treaty strategy in order to take votes from UKIP and the BNP,IIMHO.

With austerity measures being imposed by the Cleggerons, and the EU voting for more money for itself, you would have thought our Bob would have found the ideal bandwagon to jump on. But no, it's "bankers this and bankers that".

Strange, isn't it?

Witterings From Witney said...

Agree with your first point....

Unlike you, Anon though, to confuse 'b' with 'w'...............a typo?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought for a minute it was Wob Crowe, WfW.

I'll save the 'b's for the rest of them.