Thursday, 21 October 2010

Will This 'Break' The Coalition?

Much is written by political commentators and others about what would cause the Coalition to fall and precipitate another general election. Perhaps, just perhaps, Cathy Newman has hit on just what might cause the Coalition to 'fall'.
"Social care accounts for 37 per cent of Kingston’s spend – £45m a year. And the council has already warned residents it is likely to remove a cap on the amount people contribute themselves to their care. Local resident Jane Young has been told she won’t be getting the £85 a week she currently receives from the council for much longer. She has a severe arthritic condition which means she can’t walk or talk without oxygen, and needs morphine to ease her constant pain. She uses the money she gets from the council for help round the house and an occasional driver, because she can’t drive herself far without oxygen. She told us: “If I was to use the savings I’ve got left to pay a driver – I wouldn’t be able to fund the equipment I need to live relatively pain free – and without a driver it’ll be a bit like being a hermit – I’ll be able to go about three or four miles and that’ll be it.
 Beyond doubt, we all have an elderly relative who will be in dire straits, financially, as a result of Osborne's 'cuts' and whose family will be required to 'help out'.That begs the question: how and what with?

Sooner or later, the voting public need to get off their knees from their 'subservience' and 'acceptance' - of the Con/|Lib/Lab; and the media, whose combined 'cabal' has managed to hold them in 'thrall' -  and found their 'collective voice'!

As regular readers will know, I don't 'hold' with swearing on this blog but - 'Christ on a crutch' - it is about time the electorate started looking at the policies of what amounts to the only credible 'opposition' to the present 'cabal' and looked at the policies of the only 'opposition', at present, to the Con/Lib/Lab 'cabal' - which is Ukip and the Libertarian Party.

When considering my previous post, the question 'Why' remains. It is this question that will surely turn the electorate against the three major parties and their 'love affair' with the European Union. Whilst not agreeing with all the policies of the Libertarian Party, I would rather see a coalition between Ukip and the Libertarian Party forming a 'government' than what we have at present!


john in cheshire said...

WfW, I agree with you. The problem is, that we are in a minority. And I don't see that changing. Unless someone adopts the same strategy as the Bolsheviks in Russia, the NDSP in Germany and the Fascists in Italy. Problem is, does that then defeat the objective; which is to consign the politics of hate and deceit to the dustbin of history. Seems we can't win either way.

Witterings From Witney said...

No jic, it just means what I said in the post - the bloody electorate need to 'wake up' to what is happening and what the alternatives are!

Anonymous said...

Most sheeple don't even know UKIP, Libertarian Party, exist.
How much money have you got ?

Anonymous said...

They are starting to stir WfW.

The EU is overstepping at the moment - if ever there was a time to be a EU hater it is now.

We can now make our case to the public knowing we are on the right side.

Note to UKIP - please stop shooting yourselves in the foot with "Question Time" fiascos.

Daed Parrot said...

What is also very disturbing is how no one in the media points out the following alarming truth:

 - We are NOT cutting.
 - We are spending MORE than last year.
 - Next year, we will spend MORE than this year.
 - We will spend MORE in each successive year after that.

[Hat tip to Richard North at]

Source data:
Spending Review 2010 (20-Oct-2010)

Public Sector Spending

2010-11 Actual £696.8 billion
2011-12 Forecast £701.8 billion
2012-13 Forecast £713.0 billion
1013-14 Forecast £724.2 billion
2014-15 Forecast £739.8 billion

Source web links:
(see "Total Managed Expediture" on pages 17 and 77)

James Higham said...

The trouble with the coalition failing is that Red Ed gets in under the current useless system.