Friday, 29 October 2010

Words Of Wisdom

Autonomous Mind has a brilliant post on Cameron here, entitled "The village has a new idiot".

Using the infamous 'Peace in our time' photograph - but this time featuring Camerlain - Autonomous Mind writes:
"Does this remind you of another British leader who returned from Europe lauding another grand achievement? This ‘spectacular success’ means British taxpayers will have to send around £450m to the EU. If that is considered a success then what in the name of all things holy is the definition of a failure? He genuinely expects us to believe this nonsense and embrace him as a conquering hero rather than what he really is – the impotent figurehead of an EU province sent home with his tail between his legs and carrying a tax demand for nearly half a billion pounds extra per year."
Making the point that he does not usually resort to profane language, AM ends:
"David Cameron is a shit for brains, spineless, lying, quisling bastard, devoid of any integrity and possessing a character that makes a plague infested rat skulking in a sewer seem respectable in comparison. I wish he and the rest of the charlatan political class would just fuck off."
Quite, AM - Quite!


john in cheshire said...

Hear, hear.

Anonymous said...

Like the final paragraph, poetic even, and true.


Witterings From Witney said...

jic and a,

brilliant is it not?