Thursday, 28 October 2010

Just Who The Hell Is This Prat Liddington?

Having just watched a segment of today's Daily Politics in which Douglas Carswell is interviewed (here) and then Liddington (here), one can but wonder what planet the latter is on!

For Liddington to suggest Carswell reads EU documents, to better understand them, beggars belief! Oh, were there more MPs like Carswell who states that he has a duty to tell voters where the truth lies.

What I - and many others - wish is that Carswell would start flexing some muscle and let it be known, for example, that there are x MPs willing to vote against any deal that Cameron brings home which is to the detriment of the UK, even if that means defeating the Coalition.

The only worry of course, knowing what a spineless bunch they are, is how many Conservative MPs would be willing to be included in the 'x' factor!

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Anonymous said...

What truth does Carswell think that we don't know already? Does he really feel that it is his duty to make some more noise about stuff that we already know? And I suppose the best place to do that is within the well-greased Tory machine? Yeah.

Its time to just point and laugh at the idiot. Him and "Look-At-Me" Hannan.