Friday, 7 August 2009

The Human Cost Of Deprivation

Having 'nicked' the title of a post on the Coffee Shop, is purely to demonstrate that they would appear to have totally missed the point. Whilst lamenting - and rightly so - the fact that 15 per cent of NEETS (those not in education, employment or training) are dead within ten years the breakdown in society does, it is believed, go far deeper and starts far earlier than most politicians realise.

If politicians mess around with the education system (Crosland, Castle et all), thus disregarding the good that grammar schools do (Brown, Cameron et all), dumbing down examinations to a level whereby a monkey with one brain cell would manage to attain a pass mark (Balls et all), failing to allow schools to instill any form of discipline (politicians generally, the politically-correct, equality-led brigade et all), failing to instill in children even the most basic of general education and a thirst for knowledge, then one can hardly 'lament' at the resultant 'end-product'.

It basically boils down to the GIGO (garbage in - garbage out) theory of computers having been bred into the education system. A sobering thought is that the dross that is produced, will one day, be responsible for the state of our future society - God help society!

An experience yesterday leads me to suspect that besides leaving school unable to string a sentence together, the young of today cannot even 'tell the time'.

Youth: Whats the time?

Me (overlooking the absence of the word 'please'): Quarter to four.

Youth; how many minutes is that?

As I posted some months ago, having attended boarding school I am a firm believer in that type of education. Before I get flooded with comments against that belief, let me say that boarding school teaches you a number of 'facts of life' that cannot be learned anywhere else. You learn a form of discipline you will never experience at home; you learn to 'stand on your own two feet'; subjected, as you are, to a form of 'regimentation' in that certain acts (meals, prep, bedtime, etc) are performed at set times, when in your parents home you learn to value that subsequent 'freedom' and, equally importantly, you learn to appreciate your home, your parents, and their efforts on your behalf.

Perhaps our education system would be best served if all the do-good, left-leaning, 'liberal' teaching fraternity just 'f'd' off and took their ideas with them!

Just a thought.................


dearieme said...

"Deprivation". As your school should have taught you.

Witterings From Witney said...



Corrected! Not the fault of my school - just my fingers and poor typing!