Sunday, 2 August 2009

Nepotism (2)

There was I thinking that nepotism was confined to our 'family orientated' Government, as highlighted in this.

From Christopher Booker's column, in today's Sunday Telegraph, writing about the Panther command vehicle 'disaster':

"In August 2005, with the aid of my expert colleague Richard North, I exposed the scandal of a £166 million purchase by the Ministry of Defence of 401 Panther command vehicles, made by the Italian company Iveco. This was at the time when the MoD was lashing out billions on EU-made equipment, as part of its drive to integrate Britain’s defence effort with “Europe”. My piece prompted an irate letter to The Sunday Telegraph from a Mr Andrew Simpson, defending the Panther and pointing out that, having been “the MoD desk officer” who initiated the programme leading to its purchase, he was now “a consultant to Iveco”. (my emphasis)

Nice to know that we still 'export' our 'expertise'..........

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Kenny said...

The Civil service needs to be cleaned up.