Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Conservative Party Has To Be Joking, Surely?

Paul Goodman,  Conservative Home, writes that Cameron has wrapped himself, his Party and his Government in the Union Flag with the conference slogan "Together in the national interest", having at the same time 'Union Jacked' their tree symbol.

For any one of the Lib/Lab/Con to present themselves as a patriotic party is an affront to the intelligence of the British People, who are becoming more aware by the day of the leeching of powers to Brussels. It is doubly hurtful for the British people when the Conservatives join in this facile attempt to boost their ratings as that party have in the past been very much for Queen & Country - well, until that bastard Heath appeared on the scene, that is.

And just what exactly is the 'National Interest'? Presently it is that which ever of the political parties in power decides it is. For the parties that pontificate endlessly about devolution of power and that the voices of the people must be heard, they sure as hell don't seem to be in any rush to actively implement that. Every time I question a politician on this I am informed that the electorate had their chance at the last General Election. Some chance - not one of the political parties actively discussed EU membership and in the second Leadership Debate, from memory, I believe the subject of 'Europe' occupied less than three minutes - no doubt something that was 'agreed' by Cameron, Clegg and Brown.

For any politician to agree to membership of an organisation one of whose leaders openly admits that its existence is necessary:
"..........precisely because it’s not democratic. Left to themselves, elected governments might do all sorts of things simply to humour their voters:

Governments are not always right. If governments were always right we would not have the situation that we have today. Decisions taken by the most democratic institutions in the world are very often wrong. "
would appear to show that those politicians stood on a false ticket at the General Election.

For the likes of Cameron, Clegg and especially Barroso, all of whom lecture on the subject of freedoms, one is reminded of a quotation:
"Freedom is not a luxury that we can indulge in when at last we have security and prosperity and enlightenment. It is, rather, antecedent to all of these, for without it we can have neither security nor prosperity nor enlightenment"
Henry Steel Commager (1902-1998) Freedom, Loyalty and Dissent, 1954


Anonymous said...

So how's Spain Portugal Greece and Ireland doing under the EUSSR grip Mr Barroso ?

Anonymous said...

Cheek ba****d that Cameron isn't he, the rest of the time he doesn't want to know about our Country and cares even less.