Thursday, 14 October 2010

DC Meets DP

Politics Home (at 19:18) reports that David Cameron today met David Patraeus to discuss Afghanistan and 'L'Affair Norgrove'. Actually DC met DP last week, although the DP in question acknowledges that his lack of fame was not sufficient to warrant mention by Politics Home!

However the subject in question last week at Cameron's surgery was, it could be said, to have a degree of importance to the 'home market' and those that rent property - especially from Registered Social Landlords in the 'public' sector.

At that meeting it was shown that Housing Law has been used to circumvent Contract Law - which might just present DC with a bit of a headache! A 'missive' - hopefully with news of an appointment with Eric Pickles or Grant Shapps - is eagerly awaited.

More to follow in the days ahead.............................

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