Tuesday, 5 October 2010

EU Commission 'Work Programme' 2010

IanPJ on Politics in his latest post links to the 'Commission Work Programme 2010' which, but for the url, one could be forgiven for thinking had originated in North Korea or the old Soviet Socialist Republic. Also, one should not be surprised either at the fact this document is not addressed to the people but to those bureaucrats responsible for the implementation of the work programme - hardly surprising when, in Barroso's own words, the EU is not democratic.

IPJ makes reference to the fact that all policy decisions so far made by Conservative ministers is but implementation of this work programme. IPJ singles out as an exception the announcement of Child Benefit, however it is worth bearing in mind the content of this article by Philip Johnston in today's Telegraph. In this comment piece Johnston points to the fact that cuts are being made to child benefit for residents of this country and that no cuts to the child benefit can be made to those immigrants who have children back in their homeland. As Johnston so rightly points out:
"Somehow, I doubt that will go down well with the taxpayers who fund a system they no longer use; or maybe the Government just hopes they won't make a fuss."
Now, 'when the penny drops', that might just stir those affected out of the apparent apathy they have to matters EU!

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IanPJ said...

Well spotted. I must admit that I had missed that particular sting in the tail.