Sunday, 3 October 2010

FFS! Put Up Or Shut Up!

Yet another 'scare du jour' story, which has been brought to my attention by IPJ on Politics, detailing dire warnings that vigilance is required by tourists visiting Europe.
"Current information suggests that Al-Qaeda and affiliated organisations continue to plan terrorist attacks"
It may be a stupid question, but if they know attacks continue to be plotted, why don't the authorities just arrest the perpetrators?  No doubt the answer to that is the authorities are hoping to catch 'bigger fish', which is just utter b******s!

The cynic in me suggests that this latest announcement is but another false alarm and one designed to take the public's eye off other more interesting matters. But fear not, the EU is 'monitoring' the situation - how and at what cost (and who is paying?) we are not told, other than the EU are in contact with their US partners. WTF (just to prove to Muffled Vociferation that I am not that much of a gentleman) announcements such as these are too reminiscent of those of Newspeak in 1984.

As an aside I would love to see that list that all governments inherit that specifies who shall be saved in the event of Armageddon and in what order. One thing you can rely on and that is your arse will be way down the list from the point at which 'their' arses appear! Following on from that thought one has to wonder how far down the list the arses of Cameron and Clegg appear from the point at which Van Rompuy's, Barroso's and Ashton's arses appear? As in the order of all things it would undoubtedly prove that some arses are more precious than others - so much for equality of opportunity!


microdave said...

My Arse serves a useful purpose - none of them do...

Monty Cristo said...

Which begets the question: how many politicians can you fit up Lord Fondlebum's arse?

john in cheshire said...

More to the point, what would British governments in the 19th century have done to protect its peoples? Specifically, Pitt, Wellington and Peel. I doubt they'd have issued us with a warning; more like they'd have sent some troops to instil some sense into the uppity foreigners. That's what we need now. Not police actions - which is what our poor soldiers are being asked to undertake - but real killing of our enemies.