Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Just What Is The Point?

Dick Puddlecote posts on the effort of David Nuttall, MP for Bury North, and his wish to get a sensible amendment to the smoking ban by means of a ten-minute Bill. Whilst one can but applaud David Nuttall and his attempt, it will probably be in vain, all due to another 'bill' which is probably going to be passed in what is the real seat of power - that being situated in Brussels.

EUobserver reports that the European Commission is preparing to introduce new rules in 2011 to ban smoking in public places across the EU. EU Health Commissioner John Dalli has argued: "We need a complete ban on smoking in all public spaces, transport and the workplace […] It is not only about the health of visitors, but also the employees". Dalli also said that the Commission will propose that tobacco products be no longer visible to customers and that packaging be made as unattractive as possible.

As is well known, in any totalitarian state people do not have a choice but must be instructed in how to live their lives and so it will be in the European Union. What comes next, one may well ask? Limitation put on what and how much you may drink? The type of food you may eat? How far you may drive your car due to carbon emissions from the exhaust? In fact, will you be allowed to own a car that is not electric?

You see, dear Reader, there is no end to their powers now with ratification of the Lisbon Treaty and whilst the Lib/Lab/Con retain their grip on the 'democratic' process, there is absolutely nothing to stop the EU Commission doing whatever they damn well please.

One day there will emerge a 'leader of men', with rehetoric and resolve - over the centuries that has happened and it will happen again - and that person, be it man or woman, will prod the British Lion from it's slumber; and then heaven help any country that dare stand in the way!


Dick Puddlecote said...

Ta for the link.

The problem is that they've been clever buggers over the years. Crippling intellect through the education system was a master stroke, people just get angry then shrug their shoulders and comply.

All they need do now is not move too quickly on any matter and the frogs are boiled to perfection.

Witterings From Witney said...

My pleasure DP!

Was just attempting to highlight the futility of it all really, as you gathered.

There ain't going to be much left for us to decide - it may seem far fetched but I can see Soylent Green eventually!

Anonymous said...

No it will end up like Ceascescus Romania.
Morally and finacially bankrupt.
I'm sure the state education system plus the political system there was even worse than it is here now.
Trouble is it's a long painfull road to get back to freedom.

Witterings From Witney said...

Go along with that alternative ending, Anon. As you say, no matter how the end arrives, the journey back will be extremely hard.

Trooper Thompson said...

WfW, you've gotta look in the mirror for your 'leader of men'.

Indyanhat said...

You gotta get up, stand up for your rights! (marley)