Thursday, 14 October 2010

London Local Authorities Bill

One has to question the mentality of a government that would allow a local authority bureaucrat the power to levy a fine, confiscate goods together with any vehicle that was carrying those goods, purely on the basis that the bureaucrat suspected that an offence had been committed, or might about to be committed - yet that is what the above Bill proposes.

In the words of Philip Davies (Conservative Shipley):
"It deals not only with a suspicion that an offence has been committed, but with a suspicion that an offence might be about to take place. A person could be suspected of being about to commit an offence that might take place. Furthermore, in addition to property being confiscated on that basis, the Bill would also confer a power to confiscate the vehicle in which the property was carried. The idea that central Government are bad and local government is good is surely wrong; the problem in both cases relates to the word "government". We should not allow any government, local or central, to have such draconian powers."
 Just WTF is this 'government' doing? Just WTF do those MPs who voted for this Bill think they were doing? 

Even more importantly, just WTF have the people of this country done to deserve the collection of shites that have managed to get the letters MP after their names?


Sue said...

Jeez, "Thought Crime" is alive and well in the UK.

Everytime a story like this emerges, I have to think back to the election when we all warned those "conservative voter" that nothing would change.

We told them so!

James Higham said...

the power to levy a find

Fine or fund?

Witterings From Witney said...

JH, thanks and amended to fine. Spellchecker not that brill is it?

Sue, Yup it sure is alive and well! And being supported by a Conservative Govt, to boot!