Saturday, 9 October 2010


So David Cameron has stated that helping veterans is a priority, according to this report in the Daily Telegraph. But veterans are not the only group of Britain's peoples that should be a 'priority' - and that is not in any way denigrating the status of our veterans or the work they do.

The country is 'broke' yet whilst unable to provide for veterans, the elderly, those needing medical drugs, the homeless and those with mental problems, we are able to provide overseas aid to Pakistan, Turkey, Haiti, Chile and Greece. The Coalition is also prepared to 'ring fence' 0.7 percent of GDP in order to provide overseas aid for the immediate future.

Much has been said by David Cameron on his 'Big Society' idea and the Cabinet Office have produced a leaflet entitled 'Building the Big Society'. In effect, what is being asked is that Britain considers itself one big family and that we should help each other. Within any family, it surely is the norm that the elderly and the sick are looked after - so how come we are helping those outside our family first?

It is all very well stating:
"We want to give citizens, communities and local government the power and information they need to come together, solve the problems they face and build the Britain they want."
but when actual power to do just that is not being returned to the people and when central government sets contraints on the funds available, it makes the aim unachievable.

One is reminded of the words in that old song 'Life Gets Tedious, Don't It':
"Something cockeyed somewhere"


Sue said...

Don't forget the £20.8million that the EU is robbing from us.

Sue said...