Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Where, Exactly, Is 'The Right'

The Telegraph is pubishing a list of the top 100 influencial people 'on the Right' - 100-76 here, 75-51 here and 50-26 here. (not too sure when 25-1 will follow, but no matter).

Bearing in mind Cameron has moved left and in so doing promised he will never give up the centre ground, Labour are still trying to occupy the centre ground even though they have elected a leftie as leader and the Liberal Democrats are most definitely socialists (with a yellow streak) but also trying to occupy the centre - there is no 'Right'!

To include Michael Portillo in a list of 'Right' beggars belief - a man who is still in a 'Major' sulk from his failure to gain leadership of the Tories. In any event it does not really matter who is where as they no longer make decisions, only wield a rubber stamp!

In answer to the question posed by the heading - both politically and morally - I believe it lies 'in the people' - but hey, what the hell do their views matter?

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