Sunday, 3 October 2010

WTF Do We Pay Taxes For?

Politics Home front page, at 19:03, under the headline "Terror Threat Raised" reports:
"The foreign office has upgraded its travel advice for Europe from a "general threat" to a "high threat", in line with the US government's heightened warning over "potential for terrorists to attack public transportation systems and other tourist infrastructure". Foreign Secretary William Hague urged Britons to be "vigilant and alert" to combat terrorism, while home secretary Theresa May said: "The US advice is consistent with our assessment. I would urge the public to report any suspicious activity to the police." The foreign office has warned of a terror threat to Britons travelling to France and Germany."
When one reads posts such as this from Inspector Gadget, is it any wonder that our politicos want the public to do the work that the police should be doing?

Another thing that really makes me a tad annoyed - and forms part of the question above - is the vacuous pronouncements of our politicians, such as those of Hague and May. Just who does May believe the public will report suspicious activity to - the News of the World? Hang on, that could happen, in view of the intellectual levels of our younger generation. As for Hague, have we not had 'vigilant and alert' rammed down our throats virtually every month since 9/11?

Britain is supposed to be the beacon for producing great political minds - and all we can do is offer the world Cameron, Clegg, Hague, May, Osborne, Cable, Lansley, Clarke, Huhne, Hunt, Maude, Letwin, Gillan, the MiliBros, Precott, Brown, Straw, Hoon, Flint (now, reverting to my earlier post in which I discussed arses - sorry, I almost digressed), Blears, Smith?

No wonder our country is in such a piss-poor state


Edward Spalton said...

The great thing about "security alerts" and the "war on terror" is this.

If there is an incident and people are killed, it shows we need more "security".

If nothing happens, it shows how effective the security services are.

Well hyped up by the media, it is a win-win for the over-mighty state.

Anonymous said...

It's all a policy of creating fear in society that can be used to fulfill some policy wish or another.

Terisa May, or may not, but she shoud have learnt from the last lot that the British public are not like that and will see through this sort of nonsense.

They may carry on with this silly behaviour but they will come to realise in time that they are spending valuable credibility.