Saturday, 9 October 2010

And The UK Is A Self-Governing Nation?

What, when we have to go 'cap-in-hand' to Brussels and ask their permission to reduce petrol by 5p a litre?*
"Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander revealed officials were in talks with Europe over plans to introduce a duty discount of up to 5 pence on a litre of fuel for some rural areas."
Another quotation that must qualify as 'political double talk' is:
"I can announce today that with my approval Treasury officials have started the process of engaging with the European Commission on our detailed plans."
which translates as:
"The Coalition have had this idea of a fuel price reduction for certain areas, but if we can bring it in we need to ask the EU first, so I have requested my officials to get in touch with Brussels"
As has been pointed out, this is no more than further subsidising Scotland at the expense of taxpayers in general.

* And before the comments 'pour in', yeah, yeah, I know 'why'!

H/T: IanPJ on Politics on Twitter.


Sue said...

Have you seen this?

William Hague says that Britain's sovereign parliament can undo what it has given to Europe

More hot air? Any comment?

Sue said...

It was the "undo" bit that I was referring to, sorry WfW.