Saturday, 9 October 2010

India/EU Trade Deal

According to the Telegraph "Thousands of Indian workers will be allowed into Britain under a new European Union trade deal that threatens to overturn the Coalition's pledge severely to limit immigration."

According to the Telegraph, views on this are divided within the Coalition cabinet with Hague and Cable on one side and Cameron and May on the other. What difference that makes is immaterial, as the Telegraph points out whatever the EU decides will result in the UK being bound by that decision.

May talks about migration:
"We will bring net migration down to the tens of thousands......."
So what, exactly, Theresa will be brought down - migration or immigration? The two, as she well knows, are completely different subjects! Transparency, Theresa - remember? Don't cloud the issue!

Philip Davies, the Conservative MP for Shipley, said:
"I am not a big fan of the EU doing trade deals on our behalf. My personal view is that the immigration cap is non-negotiable."
Whilst Philip Davies is a Eurosceptic, even he perpetuates this myth about the immigration cap, one which has no effect on immigration from other EU member states. In any event, this latest EU trade-deal just goes to show that if a government of a member state wishes to legislate on a matter which at the time is a national competence, rather than an EU competence, the EU can override that at will. Philip Davies - with apologies to Dick Puddlecote who adopted this MP as a mascot - needs to rethink his statements! One can either be totally anti-EU and believe in self-government, or not. So Mr. Davies - which is it? The 'immigration cap' may well be non-negotiable in his view, but then he is not a representative of our real government.

At last, if nothing else has, this must finally show that national governments are meaningless within the EU - so what the hell are we paying 646 individuals for to attend Westminster?

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