Sunday, 10 October 2010

Better Late Than Never, Telegraph, But...

I refer to this report in the Telegraph - days after it had been aired in the Blogosphere - about child benefit being paid for children of those immigrants from the EU working and paying tax in this country, but whose children remain in their native country.

But do politicians 'come clean' and admit they are powerless to change this situation? Does the Telegraph even bother to question them on this? NO!

All that happens is that the Telegraph duly quotes an unnamed Tory source who states the Coalition have "no plans to tackle this issue" - without explaining that they are unable to so do because of this country's membership of the EU.

The remarks quoted by Philip Hammond when in Opposition illustrate the 'two-faced' attitude of our politicians and that of the Conservative Party:
"While in opposition the Tories attacked the system. In October last year the then Conservative Treasury spokesman Phil Hammond said: "With Britain facing a debt crisis and the Government's child poverty strategy in tatters, it beggars belief that Gordon Brown is continuing to send millions of pounds of taxpayers' money to children who don't even live in this country."
I have to repeat my asssertion that there does not seem to be any transparency, honesty or honour left in our political system - and therein lies our problem!

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