Saturday, 9 October 2010

One Journalist Does 'Lean' To Reporting The Ridiculous

I am not an avid reader of Geoffrey Lean who seems a bit of a "mentalist" - forget seems, is a "mentalist". His latest offering is beyond belief!

Posting about Soneva Fushi on Mauritius, where rooms cost $1,000-$8,000 a night, where you ride bicycles on dirt roads and where you give up your footwear, which when returned results in an extra charge to cover your carbon footprint, Lean also notes that:
"It is highly and explicitly visible on the account, but no-one has ever objected to stumping up. That's a surprise – for although they can well afford the levy, the super rich can be notoriously tight-fisted."
Ignoring the fact the the 'rich' will pay any price to be seen as environementally friendly, he also notes that this resort is used by the likes of Madonna and Paul McCartney and quotes the owner, Sonu Shivdasani – who created Soneva Fushi with his wife Eva:
"People are not just going to give things up", he says. "Instead we must help change habits while delivering the same luxury in a sustainable way, demonstrating an intelligent alternative."
Not while, at least, he can 'con' those with more money than sense into making him extremely rich -  which sounds very much like a ponzi scheme to me!Wonder when Shivdasani will have 'madoff' with his money?

And poor Geoffrey Lean still can't see what is at the end of his nose!


banned said...

I avoid Lean like the plague, never read his articles and never click his links. If he was at Soneva Fushi it was presumably a freebie paid for by whom? Or perhaps he swam there with his yurt.

Witterings From Witney said...

banned, I do have to admit clicking on them and 'skimming' - usually ignore as they rubbish but this one caught my eye as it was so obviously crap, in that he could not see that people were being taken for a ride financially!