Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Bits And Pieces

News Round-Up:

To demonstrate the EU's lack of democracy (as admitted by Barroso) Cathy Ashton has refused to hold public hearings to vet her choices for Ambassadors and wishes the hearings to be held behind closed doors. What a surprise - not!

Open Europe press summary for today is reporting that David Lidington, Europe Minister, is still promising a Referendum Lock Bill and promises also that: ".....“there will be obvious changes” in the Coalition’s EU policy compared to its predecessor....." - something already noted, with powers being handed over even quicker.

Dominc Raab, Conservative MP Esher & Walton, is reported to have criticised the opt-in to the European Investigation Order, but if it comes to a vote will no doubt support the government as he has done on every occasion - including the introduction of the EU's External Action Service.

David Cameron has been waiting, apparently, for Liam Fox to 'implode' - this could be interesting....! People tend to believe the words of a Doctor over that of a mere 'Academic' (as in one who has never had a proper job). If it does come to 'open-warfare' over the defence review, then one suspects that the fur flying will not be that of the fox.

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