Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Rebels With A Cause - But Where's The Rebellion?

Bendict Brogan blogs for the Telegraph that David Davis is leading a rebellion on the Child Benefit cuts and notes that since losing the 2005 leadership race he has been a rebellion without a cause.

Brogan also writes:
"One of the noticeable features of this conference until a couple of minutes ago was the absence of a row between the leadership and a section of the party. The Conservatives arrived in B’ham without an obvious issue to argue about."
Really BB? There are sufficient Tory MPs who have signed up to rebellious causes - Carswell on EU membership, Together with Carswell, a supporter of Direct Democracy (part of whose beliefs is extraction of the UK from the EU), so have: Adam Alfriyie, Richard Benyon, Greg Clark, Michael Gove, Nick Herbert, Jeremy Hunt and Theresa Villiers - all Conservative (in name) MPs and all supporters of Direct Democracy!

For Brogan to comment that there is no obvious issue to argue about is pure Tory-supporting spin, proclaimed by a Tory puppet! 

They can't all be suffering with laryngitis - one of which symptoms is loss of voice.

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